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5 most popular beds online

When I think of the word “Bed” I instantly feel a sense of warmth and tranquillity, whilst I picture myself engulfed in layers of duvet. However sometimes it can be hard to find a bed that boasts style as well as comfort. I recently decided to give my bedroom a makeover it desperately needed, but I wanted to make sure I picked something that looked good as well as providing supreme comfort. I found myself trawling through loads of beds and beddings online to find something that hit my criteria on the mark.


I was truly astounded by the collection of beds I found online, and even though I had an idea of what I wanted, when I was presented with so much choice even I got a little confused. So I wrote this blog to help educate others who are in a similar position. Below are the top 5 beds in the market from what I have found. They all equally offer style and comfort, and are also at affordable prices.


    • Divan Beds – These beds are perfectly suitable for rooms with little space, as they come with extra storage. King size and double size divan beds tend to be the most popular sizes.



Another feature that I liked about these beds is that you can change the headboard when you get bored of them, which will give you a complete new look to your bedroom without having to replace the whole bedroom interior.


    • Wooden beds – Contrary to Divan beds, these ones are suitable for master bedrooms which are enormous in size. They are highly durable and come in a variety of ranges from classic to modern. They also often come with huge storage drawers to store your pillows, cushions and bed sheets. Again like the Divan beds, they are mostly available in form of King and double size wooden bed.



    • Leather beds –These beds look extremely classy, stylish, modern and yet traditional at same time. At Diana beds, you can get the beds made out of unique quality faux leather that are crafted with the utmost detailing and class.




    • Upholstered Beds – These beds come in Double, King and Super King size. The bed can be customised from a wide range of fabrics including Chenille, Faux leather, Linoso, Faux Suede, Gracelands and so many more, all in the colours you desire. 




    • Metal Beds – Most of these beds have intricate designs that add a touch of elegance to any bedroom. Some of them have steel frames whilst others have brass detailing. They are highly durable and are easy to move from one room to the next. 




Conclusion : Now you know what to expect from beds within the current market, why not browse the collection over at Diana Beds , and start browsing there stunning range of beds.





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