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Bedroom Design Ideas To Improve Your Lifestyle

When we think of the word “bedroom” we imagine it as a place of tranquillity and rest, it’s also somewhere we can relax without the rest of the world judging us. Depending upon different tastes, each bedroom will differ from one person to the next. Some people like to kick back in an artistic surrounding, whilst others might enjoy the simplistic decorative approach, either way your bedroom is what you make of it. Thinking of giving your room a makeover? Well here’s some of the ways you can improve its layout, features and functions to give you maximum benefits.




Cleverly thought-out colours


For years we have known that colours closest to white on the colour spectrum, not only cater for those who love the minimalist approach, but in actual fact it can help with the lighting of the room. As daylight reflects on pale wall shades it will in fact light up the rest of the room.


Feng Shui


This isn’t just for the yogis, as using the correct amount of space around your bed can make a massive difference to the layout of the room. It’s advisable to make sure that your bed is accessible from either side and avoid having the bed in line with the door. If you rely on a bedside table, make sure that you have one with side of the bed to compliment balance.



Double size divan beds


Whether you opt for double or a single size divan bed, not only will you receive sublime comfort but also utility and storage, which is ideal for those who have small bedrooms.




Having a mirror in place will help reflect light around the room, and as for decorative accessories, interior experts have said that decorations smaller than a size of a cantaloupe can make a room appear cluttered so it’s always best to go bigger rather than smaller. Also if your bedroom is lacking in the space department why not try storage and furniture suspended from the floor? This will give the illusion that there is more floor space then it actually is.


Conclusion : These are just a few ideas from many provided by the professionals in the industry, so if you’re thinking of a drastic makeover have a look to see what other lifestyle hacks you can find.


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