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Biggest Bedroom Trends Predicted For 2017!

Across all industries, trends are forever changing whether it be fashion, food, technology etc. The interior design industry is much the same, and thanks to bed stores online and other shopping outlets, you can update any room from the comfort of your own home. Been thinking of updating your bedroom but not sure what’s trending? No problem, I’m going to give you the inside scoop on what’s trending for 2017.






Over the last few years, cork has made its way from our offices into our homes. Traditionally used for practical notice boards, people are now using it for furniture. In fact Pinterest hints that bloggers and designers are featuring cork within the designs of their bedside tables, cupboards, plant pots and even artistic wall art.





When you think of the colour green you don’t automatically associate it as a typical choice for a bedroom theme. However designers are turning conventions on their head and are using the refreshing hues of green to bring some life back into the bedroom. I’m not saying go and paint all your bedroom walls green, I’m merely suggesting green décor, whether this be upholstery, bedding or even ornaments and art.




Upholstered Bedheads

Move over timber bed frames there’s a new design on the block! Apparently upholstered bedheads are on the rise once again, and I can see why. This underrated simplistic design can instantly change the look and feel of any room! They’re ideal for rooms with little space as they maximise their surroundings. There are some great choices upholstered bedheads from a range of online bed stores.




Quirky Furniture

It seems like the industry is stepping away from more traditional furniture that we have grown to love over the years, but fear not as any type of quirky furniture can make a very bold statement that boasts originality. The more quirky the furniture the more unique the room is likely to be, of course this is purely down to personal taste. You can surprisingly shop a range of quirky furniture from online bed stores.



Since the release of Apple’s Home Kit, digital organisations are constantly competing to bring us the next best thing. 2017 predicts that more rooms will contain devices that control the temperature, air filtration, lighting and so much more!


Conclusion : Before updating your bedroom why not checkout a variety of bed shops online to choose the ultimate bed for your bedroom makeover, after all they are the sole centrepiece of the bedroom!


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