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Can I Use an Electric Blanket on a Memory Foam Mattress?



With the winter still lurking about, nothing is more satisfying then getting into a warm and cosy bed, and cocooning yourself in layers of duvets. However not all of us are blessed with decent central heating, and we all know that the boiler is just biding its time to fail on you just as the outside temperature hits rock bottom. Rather than waiting for the bed to warm up people tend to use quick fixes like hot water bottles and electric blankets. Although what happens if you use an electric blanket on a memory collection mattress?


Well, memory foam mattresses get their moulding perfection from our own body heat, which is why their famous for their supreme comfort. So if you use an electric blanket to increase the heat circulation through the mattress, your virtually making the mattress redundant as it will soften so much so, that it will not even mould to your shape. So just to clarify it’s a recipe for disaster!


When you really think about it almost all beds are cold to begin with anyway, and it doesn’t take long for them to warm up at all. The key here is persistence, trust that the memory foam collection mattress will steadily adjust to the perfect temperature to keep you warm at night.


What I would suggest though, if your particularly cold blooded, is keeping your door shut a few hours prior to going to bed. This will allow the room temperature to increase and will give your room the cosy feeling that is much needed. Other things you could do is take a hot shower just before you go to bed, or even layer up with leggings, jumpers and socks. As your body temperature starts to rise, you will no longer need all these layers, and your mattress and covers should act like insulators.


Of course if you’re someone who cannot live without an extra blanket, I would highly recommend you choose a different style of mattress that can withstand the temperatures of the electric blanket.

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