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How to prolong the life of your memory foam mattress!



When the memory foam collection mattress was first brought out on the market, people were unsure of its benefits and were hesitant to make the switch. Now memory foam mattresses are found in bedrooms all over the UK not to mention globally, but why are they so popular? Well, the memory foam mattress conforms to the shape of your body relieving stress from various pressure points like your hips, thighs and shoulders, ultimately providing you with a restful sleep.   


Like any other mattress the memory collection mattress will go through general wear and tear even when looked after correctly, but to prolong it’s durability it’s important to make sure that A) it has a mattress cover to protect it and B) it has the correct bed base. For obvious reasons a mattress protector will keep it clean and hygienic by preventing stains, dust mites, bodily fluids etc. from being absorbed into the mattress. A mattress protector is something that most people are familiar with, as they would be have been advised about this when buying any mattress, whether it be foam, pocket spring or any type, however having the correct base can massively effect the longevity of the memory collection mattress, and it is often not even considered.


So what is the best base for the memory foam collection mattress?


Well first off, it’s important to make sure the mattress is placed on a solid base with a flat surface. This will help the mattress maintain its structure as it ages. Also if the bed has a slated base this will aid in helping air circulate through the memory foam, keeping it moisture free. Moisture has a tendency to form mould over time which can cause health issues if you don’t get rid of it, which is why air circulation is vital.


Bearing both of these tips in mind, you now know some of the best mays to prolong the life span of the mattress that’s sweeping the nation of its feet, and hopefully you too can reap the benefits of the memory collection mattress.  

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