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Orthopedic Mattress and its types




We live in such a chaotic and busy world these days, that when it comes to winding down, we need all the recovery we can get! There are many factors that can affect us having a good night’s sleep, including the style of our mattress. This is why it’s important to get a mattress that gives you the ultimate night’s sleep. Although, with the variety in the market which style is most ideal? Well there isn’t really a right or wrong answer to this question. Although there is one style of mattress that can not only give you sleep benefits but health benefits as well!


The orthopedic mattress collection is a collection of mattresses favoured by the nation, thanks to their additional health benefits. Research has shown that these mattresses are particularly great for those with aching joints and back problems. They have been designed to support your problem areas by evenly distributing your body weight, and relieving the pressure. By keeping your body supported with your spine in perfect alignment, you can expect to have a full and refreshing night’s sleep.


Before hastily purchasing the mattress, you should know that there are two different styles within the orthopedic mattress collection.




The Pocket Sprung orthopedic mattress features individually encased springs, which allows the functionality to give a tailored support, as each person will differ in shape. They tend to have a longer life span and are highly durable, which is why they tend to be the more desirable style out of the two.




The Memory Foam orthopedic mattress uses foam layers to mould around your body, whilst you sleep. It is perfect for the release of pressure on the joints and is great for lumbar stability. The mattress is manufactured with a temperature regulating fabric, so it keeps your body cool whilst you sleep.


As the two different styles both offer support in different ways, I would highly recommend you do your research on which would be more suitable for you. It’s also wise to put a mattress protector on purchase so you can keep the mattress in store bought condition.

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