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Reasons why your bed height matters


When you’re purchasing any bed, the design usually is the first a priority whilst comfort is essential! However there is also one other important value that should be taken into consideration before making any final purchase, and that’s the height of the bed itself.




Well when you’re looking for comfort, it’s not all about sleep surprisingly! Comfort should encompass not just the sleeping part, but the actual manoeuvring in and out of the bed as well. While buying from bed shop you should take care of the bed height as well.


As general rule, the bed height should correlate with your own height. One way to measure this is by sitting on the edge of the bed, make sure your hips are perfectly aligned with your knees, and your feet are resting comfortably flat on the floor. If you find that your knees are higher than hip level than you bed is too low, and if your feet aren’t touching the ground the bed is too high.



Standard bed sizes are based on a standard mattress sizes, and this will vary country to country. For example the Japanese have been sleeping on “shikibutons” for years which is a standard size bed for the nation. That’s why most of the Japanese are shorter in height. 


Whether you’re shopping online or in a bed shop, there are a range of bed sizes to choose from, for example: Small Single, Single, Twin or Bunk, Twin Extra Long or Double Extra-long. A Double size divan bed is one of the tallest beds in the market, and is a box-spring based bed to provide extra comfort as you sleep.



Conclusion: Next time your purchasing a new bed, don’t just go for something that looks good and feels good when you’re laying down. Give it a bit of a test run, and do those measurements to give you peace of mind that you are making the right choice.


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